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Performance Improvements at Point Of Sale - A Guide to Getting the most out of your 4690 System.

It is clear that many of the IBM 4690 POS applications could use an overhaul. But who has the time? And where would one start?

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Controller Services Feature for Windows is a QVS product that allows 4690 store controller applications to execute in a Windows NT or Windows 2000 environment.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 (CSF) is a Microsoft®-based solution that provides the necessary tools and subsystems to integrate the IBM 4690 store controller software as a Windows subsystem.

QVS Controller Services Version 3 replaces the discontinued IBM DDS/CSF product offering.


Key Benefits and Features

  • The 4690 CSF preserves your investment in 4690 applications, terminal hardware and terminal wiring while moving to an open platform for the back room.
  • Executes your existing 4690 controller applications.
  • Supports POS terminals attached via Store Loop, Token Ring or Ethernet. Terminals can be loaded or dumped, and terminal-to-controller communications are supported.
  • With Microsoft's "Host Integrated Services" SNA interface, this product supports  host communications via LUO and LU6.2.
  • Supports dual controller capability
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